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This documentation helps you set up and install the Joomla extension InstaImages. InstaImages makes it easy to instantly use images taken with your smartphone on your website.

This documentation is valid for all versions of InstaImages.

Click here to see a video of the installation and setup


Install InstaImages like any other extension. For details on how to install extensions, look at the installation guide at the Joomla community. InstaImages installs as both component and editor button, all in the same package.

Setup Instagram

A bug in Internet Explorer stops the setup from working properly. Use Safari, FireFox or Chrome during the first setup

The first step to make the InstaImages get into action, is to setup Instagram to work with your website.

Go to your component menu and select Instaimages in the menu.

instaimages component

Before Instagram is setup, the page will display a message that asks you to configure Instagram.

Click on the settings button displayed on the upper right, to configure Instagram.

Instaimages settings

Configure Instagram to work with your app

Begin by copying the URI displayed in the Redirect URI box. This will later be used in Instagram. Next click on the Register your application link, to create a new app on Instagram.

You will now be redirected to the Instagram page for developers. To login as a developer, you simply use the same login details that you use to login to Instagram.

Create your application

When you're logged in as a developer on Instagram, you'll find a "register your application" button on the frontpage. Click on this button to create your application. If you don't see the frontpage, just go the the page

In the upper right corner you click on the "register new client" button.

Fill in the following:

  • Application Name - Choose an appropriate name for your application, for example My InstaImages
  • Description - Write a few words that describe your application, for example "Displays Instagram images on my Joomla site".
  • Website - The URL of your website, for example
  • OAuth redirect_url - the root URL of your website. Copy the Redirect URI from the InstaGallery module settings, and paste here. It is crucial that this adress is exactly the same as you have in the module settings, otherwise the extension will not work.
Click on "Register" to finish your registration.

Authorize the application

On the Instagram developer page, you'll now find the Client ID and Client Secret of your new Instagram application.
Copy the Client ID from the Instagram page, and paste in the module settings field for Client ID. Do the same procedure with the Client Secret, and the "Connect to Instagram" button will now appear.

Click on the Connect to Instagram button, and the app redirects you to Instagram where you must authorize the app to use your account. Just click on the Authorize button to complete the authorization. When the process is done, you just save your settings.

If all went well, you'll now see your recent shared images in Instagram.

Use InstaImages in Joomla articles

You can now use your images from Instagram in all your Joomla articles. Just enter any article, and you'll notice the Instagram button below the article editor. Use this button to insert InstaImages in your article.

A modal window will appear where you can click on the image to use. A great thing is that InstaImages will also get the image caption from Instagram automatically, so you don't need to enter this. Just click insert to use that image in your article.

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